Jennifer Mitchell

Kim Pritekel

Jennifer Mitchell, "JMitch", is an Award-Winning Singer Songwriter from NH who has been winning awards for her music since high school.  She grew up in the small rural town of Moira, NY near the Canadian Border and started singing at the tender age of 1.  In fact, whatever her sister was playing on her cassette player, Jen would sing. She is a multi-instrumentalist and currently owns and operates Jennifer Mitchell Music, a full-service entertainment company and entertains all over New England.  She has traveled to other states for shows and becomes wildly popular wherever she goes. 

She donates her time to help raise money for special causes including, Cancer, Hospice, Alzheimer’s, Children's Causes, and those serving in any branch of the United States Armed Forces. She's a must-see entertainer and a powerhouse vocalist no matter what form you see her in: Solo, Duo, or Band.  She does not disappoint and is always super engaging with her audiences! 

"Jen's voice to me is like how I pick a perfume.  I want something that is unique, beautiful, yet musky.  Jen's voice reminds me of that.  Unique, beautiful, yet has something to it that makes it that much more special." - Nancy F.

Kim Pritekel  is an award-winning author who was born and raised in Colorado. She discovered her love of writing at age nine, becoming a published author in her mid-20s, with more than two-dozen published titles under her belt  

She's always had a love of storytelling in all its forms and moved into screenplay writing and film directing in 2007. When she wrote her novel, 'Swann Song' in 2021, a story about a famous singer/songwriter, she realized she needed some songs for the book so decided to write her own. Turns out, she was pretty darn good at it! 

She was paired up with singer/songwriter, Jannifer Mitchell in November of 2021 to work on the songs for the novel, but the two found they had such an amazing work chemistry, they decided to continue on beyond the music for the novel and Create BTL Entertainment.  

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